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Updated: 01/04/2015 08:10:00
2003 MAN 26.410
3.61 m Wheelbase; Drive Side: Left Hand Drive; === Information in English === Power: 301 kW (409 HP) Empty weight: 13.880 kg Pump: Yes Tipper: Single sided Colour: White...
Stock Number: 223600
Horsepower: 409
Suspension: Leaf Springs
Price: €34,500
Kleyn Trucks
The Netherlands
Phone:  +31738080157
Updated: 20/05/2015 04:57:00
2004 MAN 26.410
Drive Side: Left Hand Drive; 6 Wheeler Rear Lift Axle 600,000kms
  Price: Call
W.H. McCormack & Sons
United Kingdom
Phone:  +442881680009
Updated: 03/04/2015 05:29:00
2002 MAN 26.410
26,000 kg Gross Vehicle Weight; Drive Side: Left Hand Drive; ABS, Diff.- Sperre HA, Diff.- Längssperre, Nebenantrieb, Tempomat, Warmluft-Zusatzheizung, Außenspiegel heizbar...
Stock Number: SI 71237
Mileage: 412,240 km
Horsepower: 409
Price: Call
Niedersachsen, Germany
Phone:  +4932221093346

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